I have been looking on youtube how to create a hologram on my smartphone after I have been told by a friend that it’s very easy to execute.

I have never really thought about holograms before, nor seen one in real life. But after doing some research and seeing that I can actually make a flat virtual object appear 3D made me very excited to try it out.

There are a lot of youtube tutorials on how to make your own hologram and hologram videos in order for the whole thing to work, so that’s what I’ve done. I’ve made my own hologram.

First I thought about what I want to create = a space and in order to do that I would have to physically make a space. But I wanted to play with models and creating a mini space so I could potentially see the outcome on a smaller scale.



In order to make the diffraction of the light to create the hologram image what you need is to make this shape out of a CD case.



 I made a black box out of mount paper and cut out the dimensions of my phone along with two peek holes.          The box needs to be black in order to block out any light as the best vision is when there is pitch black.

This is the result image. A quite unclear photograph, but when you look through the peephole I made in the box you are able to see the 3D image in the plastic shape out of the CD covers.


This is an image of where you can see that the 3D image is created within the plastic space I’ve created.

Here is also a video of the experiment: (apologise for the quality)