Mdes : Philip’s light ranges – products


Philip’s wake up light is one of the first products on the market which intend to wake you up with the illusion of daylight. It goes by saying the bright light works well for our alertness = wakes us up.

I think it’s a good idea but whether we can actually be woken up by just light is a question. For example I had the opportunity to try it out and I can say that it did not wake me up. It was definitely a pleasant light for night reading.



After having my ethic approved here are some of the answers from the questions about my work. I was looking to find out what people thought of the installation and if it had any impact on their perception of the space or themselves. Good or bad, anything is good as this is a starting point of my first hand practical research.

Overall the answers were good and people were interested in the illusion of the room being longer than it was. The cool colour and the the imperfections of the space turn out to be appealing than ever.

MDES – Research (SAD)

Since doing the research in the gallery and asking the public questions I have seen a correlation between how the light impacted the viewers’ mood. This also got me into researching about the SAD (Season Affected Disorder) and the impact light has on our feelings. Not only that, the weather and days are becoming darker and we need to use more artificial light to light up the environments we spend time in. Therefore I have researched into the difference between artificial light and natural light as well as their impacts on your feelings.



This product doesn’t just use light to change people’s feelings but it also concentrates colours to manipulate what you are feeling, it tries to replicate the 24 hours light with reddish light shining in dawn and when you go to sleep the blue calms you down to be ready to sleep.

Personally I really like the idea of replicating daylight especially in places where light isn’t reachable, such as basement rooms etc.

Then this idea brought me back to Daniel Rybakken’s work and his LED installation piece where he replicated the idea of light shining through trees and seeing the shadows through the windows. This work is development from his ‘Daylight entrance’ work which I have mentioned at the start of the term.