MDes – Cardiff Made Light Exhibition

I have a been considering previous sketches for my planning of my piece and the materials I should use.

Because the room’s skirting board is very awkward and my initial idea was to make a LED structure flushed against the floor and wall, therefore I had to change my design ideas.



I was thinking about what way I could create a wooden sculpture that I could place on top of the skirting board and also flush to the wall. I decided I wasn’t going to take it all the way down and illuminate LED’s from the bottom also -for greater effect.

I have bought LED strips and stuck them on the wooden structure I have made in woodwork.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.39.49.png

After that I had to make a choice about what to use on top of the LEDs to diffuse the light. After all I was looking for a natural light effect and as least artificial appearing as possible. The colour of the LED’s was also important for me. I needed to make sure they were not coloured but pure white, like daylight. I didn’t want a sunny/warm effect either.

Going back to the diffusion of the light I have started placing a sheet of fabric over the LEDs but unfortunately the fabric made the whole thing wasn’t appearing diffused but rather was highlighting the flaws and I wanted the opposite. So after practicing with other materials I found a simple white baking sheet to work as good as a opaque white acrylic – but nowhere near the price!

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