Visible light, projection and fog.

Using fog and projector.

I bought a fog machine and I was ready to play around with different projections and fog. The light was very intense and the effect of fog machine was unbelievable. The dimension between the light from the projector and the space around it was different and mesmerising.

four 4


seven 7

I was so glad that I have achieved something I have been playing around with, with different materials. Unfortunately for the Degree Show the use of fog machine was banned, therefore I had to re-think my ideas.

I decided to video this experiment and to my surprise the videos depicted something that cannot be particularly seen with naked eye. I could the light travelling from A to B which exists but cannot be seen unless you alter the space.

The projector’s light is far too intense for a naked eye to be viewed, therefore the experience wouldn’t be the same if I created an installation purely concentrating on watching the light travelling through fog from the bulb. I could feel uncomfortable after a while of watching it myself.

Not only did I catch the visible light I also caught particles of tiny dust that are illuminated by the light creating a beautiful yet uncertain image.






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