5 Key Points Documentation

  1. Kinetic Art – Wire box.


During my research towards finding out the importance of space and the manipulation of it, creates emotions on the subjects within particular spaces, I’ve messed around with small models composed of cardboard, wire and electronics (Arduino) that make it kinetic. This has been the very first moment that I have been immersed into the use of small models.

2.  Line Projections

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 00.42.25


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 00.39.27



The aim of these simple installations was to find out how simply you can change the perception of a room through the projected light which was moving.

By staring into a blank space with lines going vertically towards the middle point of vision made the room appear curved and much smaller than what it was originally. They felt lifted up and above their own reality into another dimension. This proved that light is such a powerful way of manipulating a given space.

In Turrell’s works two-dimensional light plays the lead role in a space thus changing it into a three-dimension field of immersive vision. What I have been trying to achieve was a manipulation of space and light in a way that it is kinetic and that movement changes the way you perceive the space and at times makes it virtual and three- dimensional.

Although this was only an experiment of how our visual field of view when altered changes how we perceive things, I found a lot about the mind and body and how they are affect by change of visual senses and I do hope to experiment with these ideas furthermore.

3. Gap Crit – space piece


This piece is an example of my engagement with minimalistic and relatively industrial materials within the university building. The space I have chosen is usually used as a dark space for the film society and rarely used as a mean of representation.

I have decided to base my piece in the corner of the room, where the two removable walls meet and tend to be more above the ground level than a static room and don’t often come together, thus create a ray of light and represent an uneven space.


I then used triangular shapes to create the paper light box of the corner of the room to create an infinite vision. The uneven use of recycled acrylic rods with Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D) at the end of each side in order to allow the rod to be illuminated.
The colour of light was important to me as I wanted to create a warmer atmosphere with yellow light instead of sharp white one. I didn’t want the light to intimidate the viewer.

The whole composition was somewhat clumsy and fragile. This effect made the piece turn into a relationship with the space and work along with it as it was situated in, between uneven walls and uneven shapes.

4. Linear Perspective projections



room blue red



These projections pieces aimed to create a linear perspective illusion in order to create a depth in a wall, something that didn’t exists. I tried to trick the human brain with these illusions, unfortunately they weren’t particularly exciting nor innovative.


5. Light boxes


DSC_0185 copy


DSC_0188 copy

Black box, with LED square slit that creates a light ray. Using flour above the box it highlights the visible light which I have been very excited by.


This environment I tried to create, aimed to feed back into the real world. This is a replica of a Taff trail and  I’ve tried to create an eerie and visually interesting environment.

The mirror in the background aimed to create a depth of illusion. This piece is not finished as I still need to add trees, tint the glass in order for the viewers reflection not to be present in the piece.






This piece has been a fail, I aimed to take a piece of rock and place it into an acrylic box and create a fog, this was meant to create a huge environment as a peak of a mountain into something small, something the visitor can be above.

Unfortunately I could have not done enough fog to make it work.




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