Artist statement

In my work I am interested in experimenting with light and space.

I aim to create a visual indeterminacy through the use of light, wires, models, LEDs and fog to create visual light and/or events of everyday life in three dimensional shapes. I hope to create mini environments that stimulate senses through the altering of perception and imaginations. My current work is examining movement of light, shadows and wires according to a given space.  I also concentrate my work on every day life and the ideas of creating something in smaller scale to represent what already exists. Thus testing how these can change the space and hopefully viewer’s perception and tricking the brain.

Through my work I have shown my interest for kinetic art and the use of technologies like Arduinos and motors. Creating static objects such as wires into flexible pieces.

The influence for my work is lined with artist like Gianni Colombo, James Turrell and the works of Mathieu Schmitt and Guillaume Lachapelle, which both work in small scale dioramas.


I hope to create an environment that is minimal but yet full of visual characteristics that appear to be realistic yet available for the visitors to look above the works.

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