Mikolaj Dymowski – RCA


Deception is a project based on a series of experiments related to the perception of confined spaces. The project provides an innovative, seamless solution for people suffering from claustrophobia, in order to improve their experience.

As the populations of cities around the world increases, there is going to be unprecedented pressure on living, working and recreational spaces. However, with more of us living in such proximity in smaller and smaller spaces, this brings with it unanticipated physiological and psychological issues. Claustrophobia is one such growing concern, driven increasingly by the reliance on elevators as cities expand vertically. There is an opportunity to address this for those most vulnerable, while also creating a more delightful traveling experience for all.

After seeing this piece, I was struck by the simplicity of it. The visuals are just colour based and the idea takes place within the walls of the installation.

I find it very interesting that by using simple things like wind, light or colour you can change people’s perception.

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