03/12/15 Space

Mona Hatoum ‘Light Sentence’ 1992

Since moving on from making the ‘object move’ to the ‘surroundings move’, I have looked at the work of Mona Hatoum and how she used the light bulb to create kinetic shadows, rather then using the cages to move around the light bulb.

This has been the major inspiration to try and do something else with the wires and light, and I have used the moving bulb idea in my recent work.


I built a dark space in order to concentrate on the light and shadows. The object that I made was inspired by the small space I have created with kinetic wires. I wanted to see how a big scale wires could cast a shadow with moving light bulb.

I move the light bulb up and down to create the movement.

This is just an experiment of what I can work.



Shadows created through the wire.





By spray painting the wires white I intended them to blend into the walls.




Although the intention of this was to experiment, I really struggled with the wires and I absolutely hate the result. Wires are too flexible yet so hard to model and the light is not as intense as I would want it to be. I believe this would maybe work better with projections. 

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