Artist Statement


In my work I am interested in experimenting with light and space.

I aim to create a visual indeterminacy through the use of light, wires and creating a pre-reflective experience that only exists in the given time. I hope to create environments that stimulate senses through the altering of perception. My current work is examining movement of light, shadows and wires according to an empty space. Thus testing how these can change the space and hopefully viewer’s perception.

Through my work I have shown my interest for kinetic art and the use of technologies like Arduinos and motors. Creating static objects such as wires into flexible pieces.

The influence for my work is lined with artist like Gianni Colombo, whose work aims to reflect on space and body and the work of James Turrell and Minimalist artists.

I hope to create an environment that is minimal but yet full of senses, mainly with the use of light and static objects that will change through time due to motion.


5 Key-points Documentation


Creating my own little hologram space out of mount board and using my smartphone with a DIY plastic projector. Interesting to find out how holograms work and how I can create something from 2D into 3D.


Experimenting with broken glass and seeing how the perception can change according to that object.


After working with arduinos and learning how to make something kinetic, I was inspired to work with wires as Gianni Colombo and make a small model to re-create a space with wire panels that aimed to move and change the size of the room. 


I was feeling motivated to finally make a life size space and move on from the small models I have made. I feel like this event has made me motivated to experiment in bigger space and being able to visualize better.


Creating space according to the small model I’ve made but in this case instead of using arduinos to move the wires I planned to work like Hatoum and move the light bulb in order to change the shadows. Unfortunately the light bulb would have to be move with a hand. 

5 Key-points Contextualisation


Initial inspiration taken from James Turrell’s work. Very inspiring artist that manages to create infinite spaces with light streams and gives light another meaning. Manages to make viewers perceive spaces differently as well as making them physically feel the light. 


Use of projections and layers of glass in order to create a 3D image with light. Working with technologies, light and spaces is why this piece is a important to me. Inspired to work with holograms and seeing the 3D effects.


A Cube space filled with glass and LED lights. Distortion and disorientation on the space around you. I really like the effect of lights and mirrors coming together. They really help each other in order to be something exciting. 


Dark and elastic spaces made with wires and UV light. Colombo explores the body and space which is something I find very interesting  Uses kinetic art and motors which is something different and something I experimented with, by using Arduino.


By looking at this piece I have looked at a different way to make kinetic art, instead of moving wires through a motor I wanted to explore what would it be if I worked with a moving bulb and changing the shadows. Looking at making static objects move through light and not motors.


03/12/15 Space

Mona Hatoum ‘Light Sentence’ 1992

Since moving on from making the ‘object move’ to the ‘surroundings move’, I have looked at the work of Mona Hatoum and how she used the light bulb to create kinetic shadows, rather then using the cages to move around the light bulb.

This has been the major inspiration to try and do something else with the wires and light, and I have used the moving bulb idea in my recent work.


I built a dark space in order to concentrate on the light and shadows. The object that I made was inspired by the small space I have created with kinetic wires. I wanted to see how a big scale wires could cast a shadow with moving light bulb.

I move the light bulb up and down to create the movement.

This is just an experiment of what I can work.



Shadows created through the wire.





By spray painting the wires white I intended them to blend into the walls.




Although the intention of this was to experiment, I really struggled with the wires and I absolutely hate the result. Wires are too flexible yet so hard to model and the light is not as intense as I would want it to be. I believe this would maybe work better with projections. 

1/06/15 Building the space

I planned to create a little dark space in my studio, and with the technician Laura, we built a small space to block out light with dark fabric so I could work on my ideas of shadow and light.

I was delighted to finally have started working in big scale and moving on from little models.

I really enjoyed working in this environment trying to achieve something big and changing my studio into something different. I was literally creating a different environment in my space.












This is an image made on photoshop to visualize how the wires can appear in this space.

space photoshop




1/12/15 Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum ‘Light Sentence’ 1992

Light Sentence is a room full of empty wire lockers with a light bulb swinging in the centre, causing the shadows on the walls to sway and shift in an unsettling way.

Wire mesh, electric motor , timer, bulb, cable , electrical wire 36 mesh traps metal component units by their juxtaposition a structure in the form of “U”. A bulb, suspended at the end of a wire, slowly varying height , driven by an electric motor and casts moving shadows based on its movement . The viewer is led in the activity of the work: the shadows of her body become part of the room.

Audience can immerse themselves in the space and shadows.