22/11/2015 Creating kinetic art

This is a better video :

After getting to know an Arduino and its potential use in my art I have decided to try out to make a piece based on my influence from seeing Gianni Colombo ‘Topoestesia’1965-70 and Elastic Space 1967-72.






<– Elastic Space 1967-72 was a great influence on what I wanted to create. I was amazed by the moving wires and it’s shadows. But what I was concentrating on at the time of making the metal space was creating a space and I totally missed out the beauty of shadows.





What I planned to achieve was a small model made out of mount board ( alike my previous hologram models). I got some copper wire and soldered it together to resemble a metal grid which aimed to create an illusional wall. I painted it bright blue to make it stand out in the dark space.

In order to make the wire wall move I attached the ends to an Arduino and used the coding example for ‘sweep’. I changed the speed of the motor movement to slower and saw how the tension of movement made the wire move.

What I found to be an obstacle was the power of the motor, it was not powerful enough to really move the wire but it was also too powerful that it was difficult for the motor to stay in place, therefore I had to hold it with my hand.







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