15/11/15 Contextualising Gianni Colombo’s work

I have been really fascinated by Gianni Colombo’s work and the kinetic art in general. Before, I never thought about creating physical movement in my art until now. Until seeing Colombo’s work and researching his ideas.

From the start I wanted to create something big, like space that you emerge in. But what Colombo has done is something more than that. he created a space that doesn’t have a sense of movement but it actually is a moving space.

When entering his work ‘Topoesthesia -Three Contiguous Zones’ 1965-70, you were prepared to experience a different environment that manipulated the visitor’s entire body and sense of self.

What I really found interesting about the space was the construction of wires and how they moved. How they created an illusional wall and submerged the space. Colombo has combined his kinetic sculptures with a space and created something dynamic.


Here’s some images from the exhibition that inspired me:







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