19/10/2015 Hologram Videos

I’ve been thinking about what to make, and how I could combine new technologies and a small space together. I’ve gone to see the ‘Peepshow’ by Samuel van Hoogstraten in the National Gallery. I was intrigued by the illusion of the space and how I could potentially make it with projections or holograms.

I have also came across this hologram video whilst researching how to create one, There is something about this piece, not sure if it’s from a movie but its the first time I have seen an actual full scene being projected rather than one image, object.

Something about viewing a 3D image moving made me think back to how I enjoy making videos and its something I am good at. Why shouldn’t I try and combine the two and make perhaps more spaces with a storyline. So I could make a video and then create it into an actual 3D story to be ‘peeped’ at.


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