12/10/2015 Tutorial

After having done my tutorial today I have developed new ideas on where to go next.

I am stuck between creating a massive space and small spaces(boxes). I feel like I am slightly moving away from my first ideas and after a lot of thought I realised that I can’t possibly make anything greater than what I have researched. Manipulating spaces and creating illusions has already been done and I need to make something more exciting. Therefore I will stick to small pieces and peepholes for now and see how they can develope in the future. I would like to create a bigger space and see how that would work, so hopefully I will get to do that, too.

Right now I am going to experiment with videos and see how I can make a hologram video for myself, look at sound and experiment with other ideas I’ve got for spaces.

I really want to develope my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and animator. I feel technology is the way forward.

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