10/10/2015 Ideas

I have been examining my ideas for what I could potentially be doing for my piece and through my artists research and my dissertation ideas I think I am on a path that I thought I would never reach.

I have been really thinking about what I want to work with, what I want to explore and potential outcomes. Even though at the moment I find it hard trying to visualise what my degree piece is going to look, but we have to start somewhere.

Here are some ideas I’ve been thinking about;

  • Installation with light and space. Aiming to stimulate  senses of the viewers through different mediums; manipulating space by creating a different space within that original space. Perhaps that is flexible such as projections.
  • Looking at illusion art such as using mirrors, using tint glass and LED lights to create an infinite perspective.
  • Using kinetic art to create moving spaces. That alter your feelings. It triggers that you’re in a closed up space that is moving in on the viewer.

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