07/10/2015 Kinetic Art – Italy

Gruppo ‘T’, ‘T’ as in ‘Time’, intended to be understood as motion and transformation, investigated in a spatial dimension.

Gianni Colombo was part of the Gruppo T and wanted to achieve things through looking for a phenomenological approach in which the interaction between work and the space around it is fundamental, as was the use of industrial materials, neon, elastic strings, modular structures.

From the German artist Colombo learned not to be afraid of playing games or of the sense of estrangement caused by an unpredictable situation that interrupts the accepted structures of real space.

Colombo’s work shows us how we are meant to experience the work, the space and the idea. Are we becoming the art work, or are we bringing the art work? Who’s work is it, the artists or ours? Or maybe spaces?

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