07/10/15 James Turrell

James Turrell’s work is influence by the Minimalist’s ideas and ways of working. But what Turrell did, he took out all the objects, the three dimensional and geometrical shapes and turned them into light forms. That is why he is referred to as a Light and Space artist.

                                                             James Turrell, ‘After Green’2003

His work ‘After Green’ 2003 turns a three-dimensional room into a two dimensional illusion of light. When looking from a distance into that red space, I feel like there is nothing but a void. The space is filled with light and therefore turns itself into a vast and limitless space. The multidimensional power that this piece holds within itself has a major impact on how we perceive it.

What Turrell has managed to do, was to turn the objectless space into a visual indeterminacy. This indeterminacy is something that viewers find fascinating because we do not get to experience it every day. ‘Turrell describes the works as situations where ‘imaginative seeing and outside seeing meet, where it becomes difficult to differentiate between seeing from the inside and seeing from the outside’’ (Bishop, 2005,pg.85)


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