06/10/2015 Jaap Van den Elzen

‘HyperCube’ by Jaap Van den Elzen 2012 + Sound composer involved Augusto Meijer

An installation where the viewer is immersed in an overwhelming audiovisual environment where sound and light form one synergic experience. This piece is something that really merges the two senses together, the visual and sound. I really feel that the more senses you stimulate the more of an experience you are going to receive from the piece. Working with sound is something I plan to do as well in my piece and this is a great example of how I can successfully achieve what I plan to do.

Once you are inside the cube, it feels infinite. The horizon is vanished and you can see into space. I just love the idea of creating a space out of a space.

This space is made up entirely out of mirrors and dynamic, pixel controlled LED lines, which create a stunning multi sensory experience.

Disorientation and a distorted sense of time play the lead role in this installation.

Below is the video of what you can expect inside the cube. 


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