19/10/2015 Hologram Videos

I’ve been thinking about what to make, and how I could combine new technologies and a small space together. I’ve gone to see the ‘Peepshow’ by Samuel van Hoogstraten in the National Gallery. I was intrigued by the illusion of the space and how I could potentially make it with projections or holograms.

I have also came across this hologram video whilst researching how to create one, There is something about this piece, not sure if it’s from a movie but its the first time I have seen an actual full scene being projected rather than one image, object.

Something about viewing a 3D image moving made me think back to how I enjoy making videos and its something I am good at. Why shouldn’t I try and combine the two and make perhaps more spaces with a storyline. So I could make a video and then create it into an actual 3D story to be ‘peeped’ at.



12/10/2015 Tutorial

After having done my tutorial today I have developed new ideas on where to go next.

I am stuck between creating a massive space and small spaces(boxes). I feel like I am slightly moving away from my first ideas and after a lot of thought I realised that I can’t possibly make anything greater than what I have researched. Manipulating spaces and creating illusions has already been done and I need to make something more exciting. Therefore I will stick to small pieces and peepholes for now and see how they can develope in the future. I would like to create a bigger space and see how that would work, so hopefully I will get to do that, too.

Right now I am going to experiment with videos and see how I can make a hologram video for myself, look at sound and experiment with other ideas I’ve got for spaces.

I really want to develope my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and animator. I feel technology is the way forward.


I’ve been inspired to play with mirrors and after enjoying working in a small scale I thought I should continue it.

I smashed up some mirrors and created a small model and stuck them on. I like the effect of distortion.

I am unsure if I will continue to work with mirrors entirely by themselves. I really fancy the idea of creating infinity with mirrors but that involves light, and it’s something I would consider to do.

Combining loads of senses together would be great, and light is such a powerful medium of seeing and feeling, that enhanced with mirrors would create something big and exciting.






10/10/2015 Holograms DIY

I have been looking on youtube how to create a hologram on my smartphone after I have been told by a friend that it’s very easy to execute.

I have never really thought about holograms before, nor seen one in real life. But after doing some research and seeing that I can actually make a flat virtual object appear 3D made me very excited to try it out.

There are a lot of youtube tutorials on how to make your own hologram and hologram videos in order for the whole thing to work, so that’s what I’ve done. I’ve made my own hologram.

First I thought about what I want to create = a space and in order to do that I would have to physically make a space. But I wanted to play with models and creating a mini space so I could potentially see the outcome on a smaller scale.



In order to make the diffraction of the light to create the hologram image what you need is to make this shape out of a CD case.



 I made a black box out of mount paper and cut out the dimensions of my phone along with two peek holes.          The box needs to be black in order to block out any light as the best vision is when there is pitch black.

This is the result image. A quite unclear photograph, but when you look through the peephole I made in the box you are able to see the 3D image in the plastic shape out of the CD covers.


This is an image of where you can see that the 3D image is created within the plastic space I’ve created.

Here is also a video of the experiment: (apologise for the quality)

10/10/2015 Illusion mirrors

I came across a youtube tutorial video on how to make an illusion mirror that creates depth into space. I thought that this idea is very interesting towards what I am planning to do, and I would really like to try it out for myself.

The thought of having a black room with hardly any light and this piece of mirror with reflective LED lights is something that can definitely stimulate your perceptions and how you are going to perceive time.

10/10/2015 Ideas

I have been examining my ideas for what I could potentially be doing for my piece and through my artists research and my dissertation ideas I think I am on a path that I thought I would never reach.

I have been really thinking about what I want to work with, what I want to explore and potential outcomes. Even though at the moment I find it hard trying to visualise what my degree piece is going to look, but we have to start somewhere.

Here are some ideas I’ve been thinking about;

  • Installation with light and space. Aiming to stimulate  senses of the viewers through different mediums; manipulating space by creating a different space within that original space. Perhaps that is flexible such as projections.
  • Looking at illusion art such as using mirrors, using tint glass and LED lights to create an infinite perspective.
  • Using kinetic art to create moving spaces. That alter your feelings. It triggers that you’re in a closed up space that is moving in on the viewer.

09/10/2015 The People’s Cloud

‘The People’s Cloud is a project investigating the ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in and the people who work to maintain it.’

Recently I have been trying to do some research on projections within spaces and what effect they would have on the viewers. I came across this Project ran by Matt Parker, Michael James Lewis, Sebastien Dehesdin and Sebastian Juszczyk.

One of the things that they created was an animation of Data Centre and people’s communications.

I found this piece called ‘Turbulence in the chamber’ to be ideal for what I am trying to achieve but in a sense of projections rather than animations. This is an example of what a room/space could potentially look like.

Here is a link to the video: