Exhibition – Degree Show

On the 20th of June there was an art event in Venice. Art Night as well as the degree show of the Academy students! Art Night meant that most of the galleries in Venice were free and open until midnight! What a great idea!

My Work:

At the end of the erasmus experience we had an opportunity to be part of an exhibition for the end of the year Exhibition!

I’ve decided to take part and exhibit my miniature collage of prints on brown paper of Santa Maria della Salute. This was expanded from my previous prints I have made for my Xilografia exam. I found those little prints work really well as a collage and the background space behind the dome was really interesting to manipulate and create a sky like image through pressing on the already cut out space.

Overall I had an opportunity to see other people’s work made during their erasmus stay as well as the degree show scattered around the academy!

Me and my print Description

close up

Degree Show:

Walking around the academy I cam across some really inspiring works. As I haven’t been to the Cardiff Degree Show I was glad to see what this institution had to offer.

In the Sculpture department there was some really cool stuff! The things that really caught my attention were;

– Wired sculptures of people – this really interested me because of how lovely it was finished off! I love the idea of the wire becoming a 3D drawing. It’s a contentious drawing, a life drawing..

IMG_2541-Degradation of a stone piece – Visually I really loved looking at this piece. Seeing that I am in Italy and surrounded by the Renaissance art, this piece is so dreamlike and romantic! I love the heavy stone and only couple of points of the body being recognisable. The degradation of the stone really contributes to this piece. ┬áVery impressing piece.


-Peanut babies?- This art work is cute. At first it looks like hanging down glass box of peanuts in their shells but once you really look into the cracked ones you see gold babies! I am unsure what the idea was behind it, maybe some political view on abortion and how tiny babies are? Or maybe that peanuts are babies and you shouldn’t eat them?? Really unsure but I like the idea of the golden tiny sculpture being placed inside something natural. Juxtaposition at its best!

IMG_2610 IMG_2611

-Floating Pot heads…- Again unsure the meaning behind it but they are floating pot heads.. I think it says it all.. The only thing that they cannot stop reminding me of are those plants your mum would buy you back in early 2000s that grew grass and you had fun trimming it! Overall I really like the presentation idea of heads of different sizes facing different directions, some lower some higher.


-Another floating head but iced- A really cool piece in my opinion. I would like to think that the ice head was the cast of the artist. It was hanging of hair and turning around as well as melting and dripping into an hourglass. It was really interesting and reminds me of a piece I saw in Biennale Giardini in the Brazilian building of water dropping onto a glass slowly from a water bag. I really like the idea of using ice and seeing how the piece changes through time.


In the ceramic department or room was great! Every corner of the room had something to offer!

There were shattered pots around the table and floor. On the other side the window still was covered in simply made pots. Piled up onto one each other. There was a machine that moved around and was bringing a piece of fabric with it up. An the windows! I really loved the use of bare light bulbs as lightning of the space.

IMG_2603 IMG_2645 IMG_2597

Then there was Stage Design – a course I have never encountered before. I loved it! There was such precision in the making of the miniature machetes and models. SO beautiful!

IMG_2568 IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571I can’t help but to mention the most distracting thing in the building were the windows!! So hard not to go up and have a look out through the massive windows overlooking the canal and the island Guidecca.

IMG_3030 IMG_3031