Visit to Peggy Guggenheim

I have visited Peggy Guggenheim collection today and happily the entrance was free for us students in the Academy, so saved myself some money…

Going into the museums its incredibly different than the general sights around it. There is a beautiful garden and a beautiful Palazzo over looking onto the great canal. Peggy Guggenheim was really living the dream during the 30 years from 1949! We enter the beautiful building and its so open, and I cannot believe that these rooms were Guggenheim’s bedroom or her sitting room! There are plenty of interesting art works exhibited in the museum from Kandinsky to Picasso and also having the opportunity to view the Jackson Pollock exhibition with his astonishing works.


The works that really caught my attention were:

Lucio Fontana: ‘Concetto spaziale’ 1951


Lucio Lucio

I really really REALLY like the idea of the canvas being cut into it and thus creating a reversed incision. The triangular shapes really add to it. Fontana worked with the gestures in his paintings with the use of a knife slashing the canvas creating a space within it. Challenging the meaning of painting. Personally I really like the technique and its final outcome. There is something precious about it even though the painting has been made through gestures.

Maurizio Nannuci: ‘Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future’ 2003



A more contemporary piece of light and words. It is displayed outside on the wall opposite to the museum shop. The words are massive and make a massive statement. From not reading much about the artist and his work what I feel is great connection to what I think about changing places. It relates to my situation right now and the words Nannuci used are perfect example of how changing place works like a domino and end up changing your future. It could be an artist statement that inspiration comes fro changing the scenery which is very true. I really like light art and the words really stand out even when the sun is shining and you can’t see the artificial light.

Also seeing a 3D print in monochrome of Pollock’s painting that emphasises the surface and how he worked with his paint is extra ordinary. It really shows that you can even use high technology to advance art and even though that isn’t a piece it really could be in my eyes. It really represents a new way of painting, and who knows maybe one day someone will 3D their image flat and call it a painting….

3d pollock

Here are some of the other pieces that I found interesting:






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