Field – Overall Reflection PDP

Overall reflecting back at these two fields I am very pleased to say that I have experienced two totally different modules which have pushed me out of my comfort zone as well as informed me about my own artistic values and thus encouraged more ideas.

In Language Environments I was introduced to the idea of creating an environment through any means and mediums. I have never truly examined how an environment can be created through for example – opposite words – obviously presented in an informative way. But in my case I was introduced to book art and installation work which both were foreign to me. This module has really made me realise how affective it is to create an environment if you use the right tools and convey feelings within your work or how you install it. This module has encouraged me to create a book (I wanted to create something physical that an audience can touch) that was nothing else but frustrating. Having the audience physically and mentally feel and see its limits was the main aspect of the installation. I was really glad how well the installation went and how I have achieved to learn new skills including typography, paper making and the use of senses. I am 100% sure that if I hadn’t chosen this module I would have definitely not done an installation this year which would definitely be a shame.

In the second module – Art and conscious mind – I have definitely gained new ideas about consciousness and looking deep into what we are. How the theories and ideas discussed in the sessions have left me thinking about them after the sessions and even having discussions with people outside of the module. Theoretically I have been inspired to do more writing on the subject of senses and visual indeterminacy. How spaces and light can stimulate our senses. These ideas were definitely encouraged after seeing the work of Craig Thomas and how although this module has not particularly inspired my subject work it has though been the key to my dissertation research. Saying that this module has not inspired my practical work in subject does not mean it will never. I am planning to keep my dissertation connected with my practical work in subject next year.

I must say that even though the sessions were long I feel that I would never had an opportunity to discuss these important and still baffling ideas.

In the future I definitely plan to work in installation and with the ideas gained from art and conscious mind.

Now that I can relate both fields together I see that they both have a potential to become a piece together in the near future. As I plan to make spaces that affect our perceptions it means I am creating some kind of language environment.

To conclude, I am glad to have done these two amazing modules and I can definitely see them influencing my work in third year.

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