Field – Art and the conscious mind PDP

When choosing this module for my second field in my mind I had hopes to be a part of something that would influence my academic writing as well as my subject practice.

Looking back at this module I can see that there was plenty for me to get inspired from towards not only my dissertation proposal but also my subject.

The theories and ideas discussed in the 3 hour lectures were very intense but very insightful. In the sessions we have discussed plenty of topics, ideas and supporting theories that I don’t think I would have ever had a chance to discuss if I didn’t pick this module. I really don’t think I have ever been a part of a project that insightful in such short period of time. We analysed consciousness and its situation in our body, visual indeterminacy, self-reflection, spiritual art, hallucination visons, the unity and rationality of the consciousness mind and plenty more. These were followed up with questions to make us think of what is what we are analysing and seeing how different theories compete each other in very high level of understanding. These questions were most likely the only thing in those lectures that were interactive with us students. Which is a shame. But I guess this lack of interaction was lifted in the workshops that were set up each week for us. From meditation to unseen art and to my favourite workshop with Craig Thomas and his installation called ‘Labyrinth’. I was truly inspired by his ideas and his works. I really got into the idea of installations and their manipulation of consciousness. How we see the formless and our consciousness makes it up into forms. That is why light and space art is so great because it plays these roles in their works. This links up to the lectures by Robert Pepperell where we were discussing ‘visual indeterminacy’. These ideas made me realise that I want to have an intention to make people feel the intention. I am interested in body and mind and how you can’t separate both away from each other.  These insightful lectures and workshops made me look really into the retrospective art and artists such as James Turrell and Robert Irwin. I have ideas gained from this module that I want to explore in my future work and link my practical with my academic writing which I am doing right now.

Overall I do realise I have chosen a module that was lacking practical and personal work. I really do wish we had more time to really discuss ideas and perhaps do work that could practically influence my subject. I feel that this experience will definitely influence my future work in Cardiff but at this moment my academic writing has influenced the most from this, hopefully soon I can put these ideas into my own practical work.

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