Field – Language Environment PDP

I was really excited to start this module at the start of the term. I was looking forward to working outside my discipline area and working with other people. I have never done any installation work nor any performance writing. I found the workshops very broad and each week we were introduced to different ideas and ways of working which have broaden the ways in which we could base our final piece on. I have enjoyed all of the sessions/workshops and Camilla Nelson was definitely very helpful and informative in order to help us be creative and think deeper into what is language environment and how we could create our own. Each week we attended different workshops consisting of experimenting with different languages; sound, book art, body performance, nature, etc. After finding out what I would want to base my final piece on it became rather easier than harder. I was sure I wanted to do something that I have not done before and being introduced to book art and its artists I was very excited to start it and think about what I want to convey and where I want to install my piece. I have never worked with book art and that was definitely outside of my comfort zone but having helpful tutorials and people around the school who know how to do book binding was extremely useful for me. I really enjoyed spending my time in Typography room letter pressing my books, doing interesting research, book binding and planning where to install my book.

The piece that I have created was aimed to be frustrating inside(content of the book) as well as the outside(environment/elevator). Looking at how I wanted to create my language environment, I concentrated on the emotion my book wanted to convey and the location I wanted to pick. I wanted everything to come together in one and connect, did not want anything being anywhere randomly. My purpose of the book was for the audience/readers to feel it, take it in their hands and read it. Read it like a normal book. But I wanted to add things to the environment for the viewer to enhancer their experience. Therefore my book was installed in the elevator in the B Block and the content of the book involved the viewer to be ask things to do that were impossible thus making them frustrated thus creating a language environment, eg. ‘Meow like a dog’ or something physical as ‘Tear this’ and attached was a piece of metal.

I feel that Language Environment was a great module with a lot of possibilities. A the end of week 2 and our workshop sessions I had a lot of to choose from which is very important for us students as we don’t want to be stuck doing something we don’t enjoy or we don’t have a choice in choosing. Also these sessions pushed me into the typography room and paper making. It meant I was doing something completely new and therefore I am grateful to have done this module

Overall the sessions were very well delivered and I feel I have really engaged in them all and importantly in a new field of study which was Book Art.

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