Anatomia Di Venezia – Reflection and final pieces

Taking this module was an interest of mine from the very start of being here in Venice. I wanted to concentrate on doing something about Venice and this module was perfect for it. It was set up for erasmus students only meaning meeting more people on the same boat as me.

It is called ‘Anatomy’ which originated from the original course running in the university about pure anatomy of the body. What an interesting module to be part of the academy. Unfortunately for us erasmus students it’s difficult to be doing an exam on terms and descriptions of anatomy in Italian. So this module has a twist on it and requires the anatomy of Venice.

I must say that this module was not demanding at all. The sessions were on once every two weeks on a Wednesday. These sessions consisted of watching films that were set in Venice one of them even being the movie ‘The Tourist’… I am still unsure how these films were supposed to inspire us or educate us. Or maybe they weren’t supposed to? Nothing was analysed afterwards, watch a movie and that was it. I do think watching the movies in Italian with English subtitles did encourage the learning of Italian, so that’s at least a plus.

The requirement for this module was to make a video about Venice. Our professor showed us some of the last year videos and I knew I did not want to make a collage video made up of photos. I  have always been interested in video and editing and this was a great opportunity to go out there explore and do what I enjoy, putting it all together.

This video that I made is a contrast of still shots of Venice at ‘peace’ and then the story is followed by time lapses of the people and boats to enhance the fast paced city.

Lacking the equipment to video, I was very pleased how the video has come out in the end considering I have videoed everything on my iPhone 5s. Obviously having a better resolution would be much better but there is something about having this rustic and rough feeling about the video which I think really adds to its atmosphere and the city of Venice itself.

Here’s my video:

Along with the video I began some book binding and made a mini ‘Venice Book’ that includes some sketches of Venice and woodcut prints. I wanted the video not to be the only memory of Venice to bring back but also something physical like a book.

I have done my exam today and my professors was pleased with my work and really liked my book binding. Giving me a full score of credits!

Overall I have enjoyed this module in terms of it pushing me to go out and record the city. I have learned more about Adobe Cut Pro CC which will benefit me next year and nothing can take away those memories I have recorded from me.

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