Xilografia – Wood Cut – Final Cuts

During this experience here, one of the modules I have chosen was Xilografia. Xilografia runs every Wednesday from 9-18.

I was struggling at first trying to figure out in which direction to go. I began looking at Venice and it’s beautiful buildings that you cannot experience back in the UK. These buildings are extraordinary and what is a better subject than a new city and its surroundings you get to experience everyday.

I began picking out buildings and trying to go into an illustrative direction. I wanted my prints to be clear and sharp. I have not done print making since the Leaving Cert and getting back into it felt great.

I used black in in the majority of my prints purely due to the fact that it was the only colour accessible in the print making studio. But it didn’t cause an issue for me. One colour prints are also very interesting and simple.

The only issue I had was trying to keep my printing professor satisfied with the cleanliness of the prints. I felt like I was a bit limited with experimenting. I feel the professor only wanted just clean and well presented prints. Which really made me realise how different university is here. The professors specialise in each module ; print making, photography, anatomy, design etc. and they are the people marking your work. They have their own guidelines and unlike in Cardiff you cannot really experiment as much, unless you are doing an experimental printing.

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