Fotografia – Experimenting with ideas

I had couple of ideas going through my head towards a context/theme for my photography project. Nothing was really exciting though and because I am in Venice these photographs are most likely going to be based here. Therefore I don’t want them to be touristy photos of canals, gondolas, basilicas etc.. One artist was always in my head when I think about future photography projects and that is Alexey Titarenko whom I’ve already briefly looked at last year towards my photographs for summative assessments. I haven’t truly explored what slow shutter photographs are and how I can possibly use this tool. His photographs are very haunting. I don’t know if I want my photographs to be haunting too.. I think from what I have taken today I am quite interested in the tourist context of Venice. There is soooo many people here! One bridge is like being in an underground full of people! That’s why San Marco is the lowest point in Venice, because of all these people (actually that’s not true).. So looking at all these people ‘lost’ with their maps, getting in your way by stopping at a random stop right in front of you, taking selfies everywhere and the fact that there is so many people here.. apparently there are approximately 60,000 people visiting Venice EACH day!!!! And most of them are probably in San Marco Square or Rialto Bridge.. It’s just overwhelming. 60,000 is a number, but when you think of it in a scale to people it’s weird. All those people are wondering the streets of Venice, coming and going. They are wondering souls that I took some shots of today..



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