Getting ready for the biennale 

So as I live next door to the biennale I couldn’t be more up to date with what’s going on! Walking to the shop I was surprised to see these bright red installations around the biennale area! Not sure what they are exactly, whether it’s just a territory marking, or an installation by an specific work.. Interesting how it contrasts the blue sky and pale concrete walls of venice. Or the green Giardini.. Definitely getting excited for the Biennale!




Have joined the Biennale Library to save my life before this dissertation proposal! Although the collection for my subject is quite insufficient for my research, it is though a decent library with plenty of English books ready to be explored by me…and to mention all those journal on the previous biennales! How I haven’t gone there before I really don’t know!

PDP – Constellation

Being a part of Andy Broadey’s Constellation sessions called ‘Critical Practices’ was definitely an eye opening journey.

As an artist myself it’s important to have a critical practice and knowing how it really evaluates various fields of knowledge. Taking part in these sessions really enhanced my learning , what was it to be questioning artists and their works and looking at how different critics critique artists in their essays/articles/books.

We have looked at Autonomous and Heteronomous art and their differences as well as Relational Aesthetics and much more. At the end of most sessions we had group activities, given questions/artists to critique and explore. We were always challenged to give out our own ideas and practicing our critique. Having discussion sessions at the end of each session really help the information to be remembered and it’s always good to hear what other students have to say about different issues.

The week that really stood out to me and how I work and think was the ‘institutional Critique’. I have always thought about space as an art piece and how it affects the audience if it’s altered in different ways.

With followed tutorials with Andy, I have spoken about projections and spaces and how they make the viewers perceive themselves and spaces differently. Although at first I was more interested in how the brain works rather than how spaces make our brain work. I knew I had to take a different direction for my thesis to be more interesting for myself and others.

As soon as I started researching I found artists and ideas that really stood out to me. I was guided to look at Light and Space artist, having found the book of James Turrell got me sitting in the library mesmoriesed by his spaces and going home and having to watch youtube interviews with him. I was later taken back to the sessions with Andy especially the week four, looking at the works of Michael Asher and then researching artist in Minimalism and their ideas. Due to the intense and informative sessions with Andy I have really looked and understood how audience interact with the objects in the environment and how art and mass culture are apart from each other.

Before Christmas I was inspired by Relational Aesthetics which informed me in my formative essay. It has truly taught me a lot from doing and researching this particular time in art and I did not want to stop doing it.

Now after attending all these sessions and gaining my own critique in both my practices and academic writing I plan to write thesis titled ‘Light and Space as values in Post Minimalist Art’. Also being inspired by seeing works in flesh in the Ghent Design Museum this March and being able to see and research connections between my Field practice about conscious of the mind. It made this research incredibly motivating.

Of course there were times where I had no idea what I wanted to do (especially after Ashley’s lectures about Literature Review). Feeling scared and pressured. Thinking to myself how on earth am I supposed to pick an interesting topic to research that will stick with me for a year! I sat down, I research and I asked for help.

In the near future I hope to base or connect my personal practice with my thesis. I am truly inspired by big spaces and how audience should evaluate themselves within them. I would love to start working with installations and hard materials. Would love to be more informed by my own practice and place that information in my thesis.

I still have so much to research and learn but with this constellation sessions it made it so inspiring and much easier to begin my writing, or at least generate fascinating ideas.

Xilografia – Wood Cut project

I joined a Xilografia class which runs every Wednesday from 9:00-18:00. I haven’t done wood cut printing in a very long time and getting back into was a pleasure.

I have to set myself a project. I decided to concentrate on the architectural and illustrative aspect of the city Venice. Since I am here it would be stupid not to base a project on this beautiful city.

So far I have only done prints based on one design. I hope to create more cleaner prints in the future. I also plan to buy some brown paper and do some printing on it. I would also like to experiment with different colours.


Transformation of the image onto wood