Erasmus – Venice – Week 1

I am not sure what I was expecting. Perhaps something more organised!

When we arrived on the first day of semester we were given no proper information or information that made it even more confusing to understand what we had to do. We received no induction on the first day and the Erasmus office is only open on a Thursday from 9-12!! Unusual for us we had to ‘search’ for professors and ask them if we can join their classes. No idea what professor did what and who he/she were and where he/she was etc. made it so stressful for us. On top of that we were under the impression before we came to Venice that everyone could speak English. We were so wrong.

As the days go on we are now finished our third day and after a lot of effort we can see a glimpse of light. I chose to do ‘Grafica d’arte’ and so far signed up to a woodcut module which runs from 9am until 6pm every Tuesday. I also plan to join a ‘Designo’ (Drawing) and ‘Anatomia’ (Anatomy of Venice).  I am also considering joining the Photography course which is on every Tuesday.

Hopefully the days will get better and more exciting at uni.

Have to give it to Venice, it is truly beautiful!





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