PDP – Relfections

I am really starting to stress here in Venice about this Dissertation Proposal. I really feel like I am missing out on good facilities to do my research.

I am still unfamiliar with this place and unable to find information about libraries and the Accademia’s library hasn’t got the books I am looking for.



A day out

What a beautiful and sunny day it was today! I decided to go to Lido beach because I haven’t visited it before. There is this very interesting and very open building where all the restaurants are and it looks very retro. I took some photographs in black and white to show the spaces and architecture.

Erasmus Post 2

Tomorrow starts week 3 of university here. (cannot believe how time flies!)

Every morning I wake up to these beautiful shutters and sunny walls!


I am feeling very motivated for this week. I am looking forward to doing some woodcut on Wednesday as the last time I did some Lino printing was back in Leaving Certificate and I can’t understand myself why I haven’t done any prints back in Cardiff!

Also on Tuesday I am going to sign up to Photography course, which is situated on a different island than the university.

I will be blogging more as soon as I get my ideas together and as the days go by..

I really need to start making a routine of learning my Italian!!

James Turrell – Reflection


This is a very insightful interview with James Turrell touching on the phenomena of light and its physicality.

Turrell states that light was in the beginning and that light has always been an interesting subject to even painters like Goya, Impressionists, Turner. Turrell touches on the the idea of us humans being heliotropic – responding to light just like flowers.

Turrell talks about his work and how he wants to create a heaven inside a church. People come and sit and just start and merge themselves with the light. Some say its spiritual.

Turrell has made works with static and moving light. We are introduced to his piece in Rice University and how this particular piece changes colour in response to  the surrounding space. This is almost like Minimalism ways of working.

A trip to Belgium..

I may have or I may have not joined the Product Design trip to Belgium for 3 days..oops I couldn’t resist. But aside from all the Belgian beer and fun, I did visit a Design Museum in Gent. I didn’t realise how relating this museum is going to be to my dissertation proposal and definitely motivated me to do research about what I’ve seen.

As I am interested in looking at artists such as James Turrell and Robert Irwin who work with light and space I came across the work of:

1. Carlos Cruz Diez ‘Chromosaturation’ 1965 – 2014

A chamber that aims to alter the perception of the audience walking through it. The intensity of the colours (blue, green and red) enter your eyes and merges the perception of space time and colour into one. Walking through the chamber myself made me very focused on colours and space around me. The change of colour in different places makes you really FEEL them and their contrasts.


2. Daniel Rybakken ‘Surface Daylight’ Prototype 2010

‘This project is a continuations of the thoughts and ideas behind Subconscious Effect of Daylight and Daylight Comes Sideways..’ http://www.danielrybakken.com/surface_daylight.html

A piece where the artist has placed a LED panel of light behind a canvas to create an uncanny replica of a daylight. Personally I really love this piece. The light really does look natural as if it was really coming from a window, the idea of re creating something so natural into an artificial object is purely amazing. I think it visually looks beautiful.

IMG_6487 rybakken3. Chris Fraser ‘Slant’ 2013

Fraser who creates a chamber again with slits in the walls and light coming through in lines. Fraser is interested in camera obscuras which definitely had influence on this piece. He said that he is interested in ‘space becomes a “non-space” or a transitory space. I want to articulate that these “between” spaces are spaces in and of themselves. These partitions are often made of drywall, lumber or glass. But they can be made of anything, really. These secondary materials are meant to disappear, allowing the audience to linger on light, sound and motion.’ http://blog.asianart.org/blog/index.php/2014/04/17/renewalsreturns-new-life-of-an-old-building-part-1/

I personally find it amazing how simple materials and light can create such ‘installations’ and thus change our perceptions.


Erasmus – Venice – Week 1

I am not sure what I was expecting. Perhaps something more organised!

When we arrived on the first day of semester we were given no proper information or information that made it even more confusing to understand what we had to do. We received no induction on the first day and the Erasmus office is only open on a Thursday from 9-12!! Unusual for us we had to ‘search’ for professors and ask them if we can join their classes. No idea what professor did what and who he/she were and where he/she was etc. made it so stressful for us. On top of that we were under the impression before we came to Venice that everyone could speak English. We were so wrong.

As the days go on we are now finished our third day and after a lot of effort we can see a glimpse of light. I chose to do ‘Grafica d’arte’ and so far signed up to a woodcut module which runs from 9am until 6pm every Tuesday. I also plan to join a ‘Designo’ (Drawing) and ‘Anatomia’ (Anatomy of Venice).  I am also considering joining the Photography course which is on every Tuesday.

Hopefully the days will get better and more exciting at uni.

Have to give it to Venice, it is truly beautiful!