Art and Conscious of Mind – Workshop with James Green

The Unseen Art:

-How can art be used to show unseen things?
-Communicate with unseen things?
-Why do people see things and how to make it into art?


  • Entopic Imagery – things caused by your body. Physical things getting in the way of your vision

Munch, was injured eye senses and had his vision affected by a blob of blood blocking light coming into his eye. Began seeing images of black crows, skulls.. but really it was just a blob of blood. seeing something from something what is not.

  • Hypnagogic Imagery -Imagery is extraordinary vivid that people experience what are called hallucinations.

Patterns that you see when you are about to go to sleep. I guess your brain is relaxing..seeing people at the end of your bed, shadows, patterns..

  • Animism

The doctrine of souls and in its wider sense, doctrine of spiritual beings in general. Placing personality onto objects such as children playing dolls and believing they have souls. Masks used for rituals. Naming cars, etc.

Very strange thinking that most people would not cut the eyes out of a photo of their mother, even thought its just a piece of paper. Spiritual sense.

  • Mediumship

Spirits who get in contact with you, eg, Magde Gill (1882-1961). She started drawing huge drawings in a way of contacting spirits. Connecting into another dimensional world.

  • UFOs

‘Flying Sources’, split vision. Going back to 1950s and people still being in a world full of WW2.  A lot of industrialisation. Quiet new. People started seeing things.

  • Hallucinations

Due to substances etc. Oliver Sacks ‘Hallucinations’


Very interesting workshop that made us wonder upon what visions we may have had. Also a visually interesting part of 2001:Space Odyssey – very interesting manipulation of colours and video editing.


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