Creating of my Language Environment 2 LOCATION

Looking at how I wanted to create my language environment, I concentrated on the emotion my book wanted to convey and the location I wanted to pick. I wanted everything to come together in one and connect, did not want anything being anywhere randomly. My purpose of the book was for the audience/readers to feel it, take it in their hands and read it. Read it like a normal book. But I wanted to add things to the environment for the viewer to enhancer their experience. I was thinking about ‘frustrating’ places in the School of Art and Design. I realised that elevators in B block are quite frustrating, not only you wait for them, they are small and always crammed. I felt like if I placed my book inside the elevator suspended on a string, at an awkward angle it would definitely work for the readers and enhance their experience (frustration). I went onto looking at the elevator as a piece. The door became the covers/entrance for my book, you entered my environment as soon as you stepped into the elevator, and then you had the chance to read my book. It became a physical entrance to my book/environment. I thought the time it takes to get from 0 floor to 3 floor wouldn’t be even enough to read the whole book. It was perfect, I wanted people to be annoyed that they couldn’t read it all, that the book was suspended on its spine meaning you had to take extra movement in order to read the book, and then you realise that the book doesn’t even allow you to fulfil it’s wishes. Is the books purpose gone then? Is it gone when you can;t do what’s asking you? I don’t think it does, it still makes you reflect on the book and what’s inside it and why have I done it that way. Why would I want to frustrate people even more?

Location + Creating an environment within the book = a much greater emotional engagement with the piece.




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