Final Piece – ‘Find the title’

The book I created is purely based on the idea of riddles. Giving the viewer a command but giving them an answer or impossibility to complete it creates a confusion. Confusion that wonders ‘I can’t do it, was I supposed to be able to ?’ and then the confusion turns into frustration because the viewer cannot complete the book. The environment has a massive impact on his thinking process and how the book is installed. I thought of a title for a while, and it was quite like a riddle to me, but I realised I asked in the book for people to ‘Find’ something a lot therefore I decided they could try and find the Title themselves. Or perhaps leave that as a title. For more frustration I also left empty pages, takes more time to get to another page and therefore more frustration is created.

Audience physically engaging with my piece = touching and reading = thinking!

Creating an emotion through the book giving actions that are impossible to be completed = frustration.

Physical engagement + thinking process +physical surroundings = emotion.

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