Works inspired by Cezanne

To explore more, I tried looking at paintings that were inspired by Cezanne. During the Cubism movement Cezanne’s influence is the most evident.

Even when looking at Braque ‘The Viaduct at L’Estaque’ (1908) we can see straight away the geometrical shapes, vivid brushtrokes creating movement, bright colours and of course the different points of views merged together. Braque has even went to the exact places that Cezanne has painted.

Maurice De Vlaminck ‘The Bridge’ (1912) – Cezanne was a profound influence on Vlaminck. This composition is based on Cezanne’s ‘Bridge over the Marne at Creteil’ (1894). Loose brushstrokes are evident along the movement.

Jean Lurcat ‘The Square Tower’ (1927) – Lurcat was impressed by Cezanne’s works. Geometric Shapes and the influence of Cubism are evident.

The Square Tower

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