Subject – Piece I have chosen


‘Provencal Landscape’ By Paul Cezanne,1887, National Museum of Wales

I have chosen this piece because I am very interested in how Cezanne moved away from Impressionism by exploring his ideas of how we perceive the world in different view points that eventually led onto Cubism. The bright colours, geometrical shapes and the movement conveyed by the brushstrokes is something I would like to elaborate. I want to create a piece that is in a different medium. I want a piece that will in a way fit ‘today’s’ modern world. I am planning to use technology for my final piece. What Cezanne was doing back in late 1800s was ‘MODERN’ and ‘NEW’ to the society/world.  The colours are crazy beautiful and bright. A great opportunity for me to understand the importance of colour in Cubism.

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