I don’t know why but for some reason from the very start of this project I had an idea of a sculpture being my final piece. I have never done any sculptures before which really appealed to me right now. I came across a number of sculptures inspired by Cezanne or Impressionist paintings;

1. Anthony Caro – ‘Card Game’ 2013 – This is a sculpture piece made to be based on the famous Cezanne’s painting ‘Card Game’ (even both pieces have the same name). This sculpture really appeals to me me for purely the fact that it’s a modern sculpture based on an Impressionist painting. But I am not entirely sure if I can see the exact connection between the two pieces, except for the name..But now when I think about it more maybe creating something that looks nothing like the main piece of inspiration is quite interesting too.

2. J. Seward Johnson Jr – ‘Dejeuner Deja Vu’,1994, ‘Were you Invited?’,2001

Johnson has done a number of sculptures based on the exact replica of Impressionist paintings. I was very interested in them, to see how a painting can be converted into a 3D piece.

In New York there is a sculpture park called ‘Grounds of Sculpture’. This is the place where Johnson’s sculptures can be found. This sculpture is based on Renoir’s painting ‘The Luncheon of The Boating Party’. The replica of the painting is amazing. I want to create something for people to engage in and feel. Maybe not for people to walk through Cezanne’s landscapes but engaging in colours and shapes is something I am interested in portraying. Although these sculptures are nice I don’t think they really challenge the viewers.


What’s next?

Our brief expects us to create a piece(s) of work inspired/influenced by a piece we have chosen. It’s not supposed to be a pure replica of the piece. We are asked to challenge ideas, new ways of working and thinking about the piece in today’s world. As I chose a Post Impressionist painting which back in late 1800’s was challenging the world I wanted to see how I could make my piece challenge today’s world. After a bit of thought and research I decided to concentrate on picking out the things that were ‘new ideas’ back in Cezanne’s time. Therefore I took out the geometrical shapes, movement and different view points. I want to create something that will be based on these traits. Although I don’t want to simply make it a flat still image. I want to create something 3D or something moving.

Works inspired by Cezanne

To explore more, I tried looking at paintings that were inspired by Cezanne. During the Cubism movement Cezanne’s influence is the most evident.

Even when looking at Braque ‘The Viaduct at L’Estaque’ (1908) we can see straight away the geometrical shapes, vivid brushtrokes creating movement, bright colours and of course the different points of views merged together. Braque has even went to the exact places that Cezanne has painted.

Maurice De Vlaminck ‘The Bridge’ (1912) – Cezanne was a profound influence on Vlaminck. This composition is based on Cezanne’s ‘Bridge over the Marne at Creteil’ (1894). Loose brushstrokes are evident along the movement.

Jean Lurcat ‘The Square Tower’ (1927) – Lurcat was impressed by Cezanne’s works. Geometric Shapes and the influence of Cubism are evident.

The Square Tower

Response to Cezanne’s work

I have created little paintings based on Cezanne’s work to help me understand colour and shapes.

Then I have went onto looking at the outlines of the tree in Cezanne’s landscape and separating it from the painting.

After that I wanted to simplify the colours and shapes of the tree, creating almost a collage/cubist image.

I looked at the texture of the painting and the movement of the brushstrokes. I went onto doing an etching out of covering the page with wax candle and then covering it in black ink. After letting it dry I have make an etching image of the tree conveying the movement.

This was primarily a visual based research of the piece I chose.

Subject – Piece I have chosen


‘Provencal Landscape’ By Paul Cezanne,1887, National Museum of Wales

I have chosen this piece because I am very interested in how Cezanne moved away from Impressionism by exploring his ideas of how we perceive the world in different view points that eventually led onto Cubism. The bright colours, geometrical shapes and the movement conveyed by the brushstrokes is something I would like to elaborate. I want to create a piece that is in a different medium. I want a piece that will in a way fit ‘today’s’ modern world. I am planning to use technology for my final piece. What Cezanne was doing back in late 1800s was ‘MODERN’ and ‘NEW’ to the society/world.  The colours are crazy beautiful and bright. A great opportunity for me to understand the importance of colour in Cubism.