PDP – Constellation Reflection

Being a fan of History of Art I was more than looking forward to the start of Constellation. The uncertainty of what to expect was definitely in suspense for the first couple of Study Skills sessions and Constellation. Even by the end of the First Term I was still confused about what to really expect from my final option choice. I mean Study Skills gave a great opportunity to pick your own option which was a big plus for every student because it makes it this much more individual, seeing as everyone is from different disciplines and not everyone found every Study Skills interesting or inspiring.

Nevertheless without a doubt Study Skills were definitely a different part of the course which in a way kept my written mind alive. I began thinking about different areas of written art and design. The functions of writing about art. From sessions like ‘Identifying a question’ by Mahnaz Shah to the ‘Argumentative Writing’ with Clive Cazeaux. The variety really opened up the doors to any area of writing I would want to concentrate on in my Second and Third Term. I chose Option 7:’Constructing Movements in Art and Design’ with Andy Broadey as my final option. I wanted History of Art to be the topic of my essay because I felt this area was close to my interests and I was curious to find out more about different art movements that I have never really looked into before, such as Bauhaus or Futurism Art.

At the start of Second Term the sessions have begun and we have started going through different art movements each week in a chronological order. I was excited for these sessions because they were delivered by someone who not only had an interest in what he was talking about but could deliver the message in a coherent way. Obviously there were some difficulties with understanding the context but it was mainly because the time schedule wasn’t long enough to let everything sink through in my opinion. The choices of questions for our essay were very interesting and there was a huge variety to suit everyone. I have chosen to do Question 3 ‘With reference to specific case studies consider Cezanne’s influence upon the development of Cubism’. After all the sessions being finished not only was I introduced with new knowledge, theories and outlook on how some art movements influenced the future ones but I also had the opportunity to have personal tutorials that were aimed to help in writing my essay. Although these sessions weren’t long they were still very helpful and I find it very important to have some individual reflection on my own work that could possibly help me to get a better grade.

The only thing that I found difficulty was in Second Term where we had started not only the Constellation Option but also the Field Module. There was so much going on in that term that I feel that I should have started my essay in the First term. When I think back to Study Skills I don’t think they were really that vital for us to make our own choices. I believe if perhaps the choices were made solely on the description of each option or even a recording of the tutor explaining what their lectures are about (as it was done in Second Term from recordings of the short introduction of the each option), it would save time and help us to concentrate on the essay more.

In conclusion I was very pleased with how the Constellation Option influenced my knowledge about art history. The tutors were very interesting and very engaged in their lectures. I really value the fact that I was able to continue my written skills within the course that is so practical based.

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