Field Reflection

Before starting field module I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was looking forward to working with people from different disciplines and seeing how they approach ideas. As soon as we got put into the groups I was really enjoying myself. I think it’s a great module to see and learn different ways of approaching ideas eg. graphic designers approach ideas differently to fine artists. I valued from this module a lot – from ways of working and thinking to learning new skills as our final project was something that none of us have really done before.

When it comes to individual work I found that group work overtook my individual time and perhaps my individual projects were suffering. But as time passed and everything started falling into place and having to chose a Project to work on within Individual Field I started really get into it. I think giving the students opportunity to concentrate in different fields within Fine Art ie. sculpture,photography,etc.. was great as students can try out new things or concentrate on what they specialise in. Having chosen the Photography Project I found it to be inspiring and leading me towards my final pieces. I learned more about photoshop and worked with Film camera. Spend precious time in the dark room and developed some quality photographs.

Then comes the ‘Alternative Field Piece’ – a piece that has to be done in a different medium the the Project piece and had to be inspired in some way by the Group work. It all falls into place now, but few weeks ago we were all confused about what is this field module really asking us for?

Overall I have enjoyed this module and my work has benefited from learning new skills and ideas.

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