Victor Burgin

Victor Burgin is a British artist and a writer. What is striking in his work is that he uses text within his images.

We are used to seeing photographs that only contain text in a form of a ‘caption’ or ‘description’ and that is usually outside the image. But in Burgin case he tells a story within a story of his photographs.

I happen to come across his writing about ‘Looking at Photographs’, Chapter 6 and this paragraph was quite interesting to read from his point of view about the ‘codes’ included in his photographs;

‘Very crudely characterised, it assumed a coded message and authors/readers who knew how to encode and decode such messages while remaining, so to speak, ‘outside’ the codes- using them , or not, much as they might pick up and put down a convenient tool..’

I myself find placing text within an art piece very conventional but it’s usually in a form of already existing text and creating another meaning to it. But Burgin shows us how he creates his own narrative.





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