Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French artist who works with photographs and performances, placing herself in situations almost as if she and the people she encounters were fictional. She also imposes elements of her own life onto public places creating a personal narrative where she is both author and character. She has been called a detective and a voyeur and her pieces involve serious investigations as well as natural curiousity.

In 1980 Calle made a piece called ‘Suite Vénitienne’ in which she followed a man she had met at a party to Venice and continued to follow and photograph him there for two weeks.

The Hotel
A year later she returned to Venice where she got a temporary job as a chambermaid. She made a piece of work about her imagined ideas of who the hotel guests were, based on their personal belongings.

“For each room there was a photograph of the bed undone, of other objects in the room, and a description day by day of what I found there.” Sophie Calle  

*Taken from *



‘The Shadow’ 1981



‘The Shadow’ 1981


‘Suite Venitienne’


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