Field Individual Project – Photography Project

Having to chose a project to do in the subject area for part of the Field module I have decided to become a part of the the Photography project with Chris Short and Mal Bennett. I wanted photography to become my point of focus this term as I was using it a lot within my Field Group project.

I started off photographing reflections and movements. I wanted my photographs to portray something more than just an image. I want the viewer to look deep into the photograph. Disarming the viewer – what is real? Looking at ‘reflection’ in more than a physical sense, metaphysical and psychological, too – Haunted and dreamlike atmosphere in the image.  I particularity feel that my future focus will be the reflection and solidity within the image.

Here are some photographs showing the starting point for my idea and the final pieces I have chosen to display at the end of our 4 week project. These are NOT the final pieces I will be submitting for my final assessment in May. I am still planning on to work on the size, final images and I plan to experiment more with the reflections.

I used Black and White film to take these photographs and the final images were scanned and photo shopped in order to digitally print them.

Starting ideas:




Final images:

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