With a new module beginning we had a lot of tasks to do. In the week 1 our main aim was to get into a group of people that had similar outlooks on the theme ‘Hidden Cities’.

Perhaps our group doesn’t ‘connect’ in one specific place, but after talking with each other about our individual work and values we realised that we all took a look on the visual aspect of Cardiff City – with everything falling under the ideas of underground, eye level view points, architecture and mapping and looking through other people’s eyes on Cardiff City..pretty much looking at all the layers of the city.

After a bit of thinking we decided this is going to be a great opportunity to concentrate on the idea of ‘layering’ our individual values.

This starting week to this module we have just really concentrated on the research of artists that used layering, maquttes and collage. We thought of ideas to perhaps;

1. Mix up different buildings in Cardiff with different places by using photography collage or Photoshop.

2. To create layering images of maps and photographs of Cardiff.

3. Mix up the layers of the city – placing tunnels on ground levels, placing buildings upside down etc.

4. Mix up layers – they could be contextual as well as visual where contextual can concentrate on words about the history of Cardiff City.

We really want this final piece to be interesting for audience to look at..perhaps we could put humour into it at some stage?


mind map ideas



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