Manifesto – My Video Inspiration

Video Idea:

I have came across a video on Vimeo by Robbie Land. I was struck by his video ‘Matters of Bioluminescence’.

I don’t have any knowledge about this artist but the visual qualities of his video became an inspiration for my Manifesto piece.

The film begins with a time-lapse of fireflies and various raw film stocks contained in a glass jar. The second portion of the film is the abstract result the bioluminescent insects create with the light sensitive film. The film then focuses on foxfire, the glowing mushrooms. Mushrooms are filmed in their environment using time-exposure cameras and therefore demonstrates the waxing and waning of the fungi’s’ luminescence. The mushrooms are also placed directly onto various raw film stocks generating an animated illustration of foxfire as it burns its image into the film. I am currently working with dinoflagellates, which will be added to the film.

Even though Land’s piece is silent it is extremely captivating. The time-lapse not only connects to the TIME project but also to the visual qualities of speeding up the video and slowing it down which always has an effect on the viewer.

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