Walk Home

I have decided to work in video and photography medium for my project. I find video pieces to be very moving when created with a sense of sound and camera work.

The idea for my videos is that I want to capture a change of time perception. I want to create that by using sound and speeding up/slowing down of the footage.

My first attempt of the video is set at a location that is known to me well because I walk through it every week meaning that each time I walk through the Blackweir Woods in a sense my time perception slows down because I’ve been there – seen that – (relates to slowed down perception when you are bored and have done something plenty of times before).

By speeding up the footage at the beginning it highlights the idea of walking through the woods for the first time (something new = time perception speeds up).

The sound I used was meant to mirror the sound of the woods but by having it speeded up/slowed down it became like an exaggeration of the actual sound. (In particular I find the slowed down birds to be so magical).

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