Manifesto Video – Final



My piece is about glowsticks and glowjars. I portrayed the idea of not knowing what ‘something’ is presented at the beginning and becoming ‘something else’ by the end of the video. I liked the way I had to video this in the dark in order to capture the luminescence of the glowsticks because it gave me an opportunity to add music to set the mood.

The music I used can be found by clicking on this link :

I used both ‘iMovie’ and ‘I Can Animate’ to create this piece with having to use ‘Live Movie Maker’ to add the soundtrack.



Manifesto – My Video Inspiration

Video Idea:

I have came across a video on Vimeo by Robbie Land. I was struck by his video ‘Matters of Bioluminescence’.

I don’t have any knowledge about this artist but the visual qualities of his video became an inspiration for my Manifesto piece.

The film begins with a time-lapse of fireflies and various raw film stocks contained in a glass jar. The second portion of the film is the abstract result the bioluminescent insects create with the light sensitive film. The film then focuses on foxfire, the glowing mushrooms. Mushrooms are filmed in their environment using time-exposure cameras and therefore demonstrates the waxing and waning of the fungi’s’ luminescence. The mushrooms are also placed directly onto various raw film stocks generating an animated illustration of foxfire as it burns its image into the film. I am currently working with dinoflagellates, which will be added to the film.

Even though Land’s piece is silent it is extremely captivating. The time-lapse not only connects to the TIME project but also to the visual qualities of speeding up the video and slowing it down which always has an effect on the viewer.

Manifesto Project

With limited control over the video piece due to having to use an iPad (iMovie/I Can Animate), I decided to concentrate on the ‘raw’ images that create something visually interesting.

I am not yet too sure what my piece is going to be about. I know that I want the visual qualities and music to play the main role.

On Monday Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos gave us a lecture on the sonic art. He showed us some videos and highlighted the impact of music in the videos. – Definitely something that I find interesting.

Walk Home

I have decided to work in video and photography medium for my project. I find video pieces to be very moving when created with a sense of sound and camera work.

The idea for my videos is that I want to capture a change of time perception. I want to create that by using sound and speeding up/slowing down of the footage.

My first attempt of the video is set at a location that is known to me well because I walk through it every week meaning that each time I walk through the Blackweir Woods in a sense my time perception slows down because I’ve been there – seen that – (relates to slowed down perception when you are bored and have done something plenty of times before).

By speeding up the footage at the beginning it highlights the idea of walking through the woods for the first time (something new = time perception speeds up).

The sound I used was meant to mirror the sound of the woods but by having it speeded up/slowed down it became like an exaggeration of the actual sound. (In particular I find the slowed down birds to be so magical).