Drawing Project 2

Second Drawing Project consisted of creating a 3D.

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How do Animals perceive time?

I have been thinking about the idea of how animals might perceive time. I have done some research and found out that small animals perceive time slower.

It is intruding that different species perceive time differently, and I am staring to consider this subject as part of my ‘Time’ project.


A short interesting article on this subject : http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/166694-small-animals-see-the-world-in-slow-motion-or-why-your-puppy-is-so-hyperactive

Drawing Project 1

First Drawing Project consisted of looking at a skull of a skeleton and creating a cardboard mask from flat shapes.Drawing Project with James 1

We’ve looked at particular artists that used skulls as their objects. We began with Leonardo Da Vinci and his anatomy drawings of skulls. Next stop was Hans Holbein and his painting ‘The Ambassadors’, an anamorphic image of the skull. Frans Hals was also research due to his painting ‘Young Man Holding a Skull’. Lastly we looked at Picasso’s Folded Sculptures which were the main inspiration for our own Cardboard sculptures.

The Ambassadors – Hans Holbein



Because our Project theme is ‘Time’, this drawing session had a great connection with the symbol of a skull = death. The theme of the end of the time was always repeated by artist as death is something unknown yet certain.

I am very interested in experimenting with different techniques of creating textures.

How do we perceive time?

I am more and more drawn towards concentrating on the human condition of perceiving TIME. I have read couple of articles and watched some videos on how humans perceive time and I feel that this could be my area to concentrate on for the project.

Not only is it interesting finding out why some events seem to ‘fly by’ for us and others ‘drag on’ but I also feel that digital art could capture this really well.

Us humans seem to over estimate time elapse when we are scared/bored/happy/enjoying ourselves etc. For example – people who were in a car crash say that the time elapse of the crash seemed much longer for them than what it actually was.

There are cases when we feel like what something occurred a year ago appears as having taken place significantly further in the past or recently.

‘You are most likely to remember the timing of an event if it was distinctive, vivid, personally involving and is a tale you have recounted many times since.’ – Claudia Hammond

This also goes for older people. As we get older time seems to pass more rapidly each year, this is because in our teens we were experiencing NEW exciting things.

From reading the book ‘The Story of Time’ – K. Lippincott – I learnt that Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity and stated that time passes differently for everyone, whereas before it was generally believed that time was an absolute: it passed at the same rate for everyone in every part of the universe.

If a memory seems unclear we presume it happened long time ago.

This is an interesting article I came across about  ’Why time slows down when we are afraid..’ http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/07/15/time-warped-claudia-hammond/

And a cheesy but I guess interactive video on ‘Time Perception’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwvkdqDoqdM